Now track your loved ones easily, know what is the awesome feature of WhatsApp

Nowadays everyone spends a lot of time on WhatsApp. Whether grown up or child, WhatsApp has become an important part of everyone’s life. WhatsApp keeps adding new features from time to time, keeping in mind the need of its users. Today, we are telling you about such amazing feature of WhatsApp, by which you can easily track yourself. You can send your location to any of your friends or family members. Many times when your children go out, you can find out their safety from their location. Apart from this, you can easily find a new address. If you are not yet aware of this feature of WhatsApp, then we are telling you the easy way to use this feature.

Share your location on WhatsApp
1- For this, you have to open WhatsApp first.
2- Now go to the chat option of the person to whom you want to send your location.
3- Now in the chat window, you will see an option like ‘+’ or a clip at the bottom.
4- Select the location option here.
5- Here you will see two options Send Your Current Location and Share Live Location.
6- You can select any option according to you.
7. After selecting the location, all you have to do is click on Send.

Current location And Live location Difference in- There is a slight difference between live location and current location. If you send your current location, then it will be your location where you are now. While you send the live location, it will continue to move with your location i.e. the location of the phone. That is, the live location is not fixed, while the current location is the fixed location. You will also see the time in the live location. For example, if you want to send someone to a live location for 15 minutes or for an hour or 8 hours, then this location will be closed. You can share the location by selecting the time according to your own. If you want, you can also close it by going to the live location share and pressing the stop button.


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