Now, the mess of waking up till 12 o’clock to wish friends, schedule messages on WhatsApp

Instant messaging app WhatsApp has been in discussions these days regarding its new privacy policy. But this app takes care of every need of its users. Often we stay awake till 12 pm to wish our friends or relatives on a birthday or on a particular day. But today we are telling you such a trick after which you will not have to wake up late at night to wish. Let’s know about this trick.

Actually you can schedule the message on WhatsApp. If you want to wish someone on the birthday or special day at 12 o’clock or if you want to message someone important, then this is your very useful trick.

This is how you can schedule messages on WhatsApp

To schedule a message on WhatsApp, a third party app called SKEDit has to be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

After this, open the app and sign up.

Now after login, you have to tap on the WhatsApp option given in the main menu.

After doing so, you will be asked for some permission.

Now click on Enable Accessibility and tap on Use service.

Now enter the name of the contact that you want to schedule a message on WhatsApp chat and then type the date and time by typing the message.

After doing this, the message send will automatically go on the date and time set.

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