Now LinkedIn data leak news, personal information of 500 million users is being sold online?

There has been a case of about 500 million users of professional networking company LinkedIn being hacked and sold online. According to a report, the data of LinkedIn users has been leaked online. This number is two-thirds of the total users of the company.

In this case of data breech, Cyber ​​News has released a report. According to this report, leaked information includes LinkedIn ID, full name, email address, phone number, links to LinkedIn profiles, links to other social media profiles, and other work-related data.

LinkedIn denied data breach

However, LinkedIn denied the possibility of data breach, saying in its statement, “We have investigated the data of LinkedIn users posted to sell online. Investigation has revealed that these data are actually the data of many websites and companies Has been collected and leaked online. This includes data that can be viewed publicly, scrapped from LinkedIn. It does not include personal information inside any user’s account. “

The company also said in its statement, “If there is any misuse of our users’ data, then it is a violation of the policy of the company. If anyone uses our user’s data without their consent, then we are under our responsibility Stop and hold them accountable. “

Some time ago, there was a case of data leakage of Facebook users.

Some time ago, a case of leakage of data of users of social media website Facebook was also revealed. During this time, personal data of 533 million Facebook users was leaked on the hacking forum. This included personal data of 32 million users in the US and 6 million users in India. The leaked information included the information of Facebook users’ email, phone number, Facebook ID, location, date of birth and bio.

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