Now he has to pay 600 euros – Snapchat user lolls on patrol cars

Düsseldorf – It happened right next to the guard in Düsseldorf’s old town in front of numerous onlookers: A young man climbs the hood of a parked patrol car, lolls like a model, while his buddy films the scene on his cell phone.

The film should apparently be put on the Internet. Three policemen finally ended the spectacle and asked for the cell phone to be handed over: Umut P. (18), the man from the hood, resisted. Only when the officers pinned him to the ground and handcuffed him to the guard could they take the device from him.

Because of resistance, the trainee had to answer in court. The judge: “Why did you do that? Did you want to post the film? ”Umut P. meekly:“ I didn’t think about it any further. It was childish. “

He then apologized to the police: “I’m sorry that I gave you work.” The verdict: Umut P. has to pay 600 euros (one month’s salary) to a children’s aid organization.

PS: Umut P. receives an extra invoice due to scratches on the bonnet.


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