No vaccination after chemo? Confusion about RLP rules for cancer patients

Mainz – Big confusion about the corona vaccination in RLP: Of all people, cancer patients don’t get the injection?

At least that’s what it looks like if you look at the country’s information page for appointments. Exclusion criterion, including: “You have had chemotherapy in the past six months.”

This is what it says on the RLP appointment registration page


Reason: The weakened immune system of these patients. The Ministry of Health fears that the vaccination could cause harm as a result.

But that would also mean that a particularly vulnerable group should not be vaccinated. According to the recommendation, cancer patients are in priority level three.

A corresponding BILD request in the Ministry of Health now apparently caused a rethink there.

Answer: “Oncological patients have an increased risk of infection and should therefore be vaccinated against the coronavirus after consulting their doctor.” The chemotherapy exclusion criterion was initially reduced to three months after treatment, then deleted entirely.

The only thing left now is the vaccine they need to be available for these patients. The vaccination centers in the country have been open since Thursday.

“With the vaccination centers, the whole vaccination process gets a completely different dynamic,” said Health Minister Sabine Bätzing-Lichtenthäler (45, SPD).

Measured against the number of vaccinations per 1000 people in the population, Rhineland-Palatinate is currently still in the lower third of the federal states.


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