No noticing the approaching regional train: Couple crosses tracks to reach the S-Bahn

They absolutely wanted to get to the S-Bahn, ignored the danger – and had no chance when the approaching regional train caught them …

Horror accident on Friday evening in Neu-Wulmstorf near Hamburg: A man (33) and his 29-year-old girlfriend had come from work in the nearby warehouse of the fashion label “Jack Wolfskin” at around 8:40 pm. The couple, both Americans, were in a hurry because their train, the S3 in the direction of downtown Hamburg, was due to leave shortly afterwards.

On the south side of the station, according to the police, they crossed the rails at a point where there is no official level crossing – and did not notice a metronome on the parallel track approaching that was on the way to Cuxhaven. These regional trains run there at a speed of up to 140 km / h.

Police officers also examined the scene of the accident on SaturdayPhoto: Thomas Knoop

There was a collision with the couple, the metronome only stopped after about 600 meters. After the collision, the emergency services escorted around 130 passengers from the train.

Police spokesman Henning Flader to BILD: “According to previous investigations, two people have tried to reach a S-Bahn waiting on the rails of the station. The people crossed the rails in violation of the prohibition. “

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According to BILD information, this life-threatening madness happens more often at the train station: There is a footpath right next to the tracks that are not blocked off.

The footpath next to the tracks

The footpath next to the tracks Photo: Thomas Knoop

The beaten path on which S-Bahn travelers get to the stop

The beaten path on which S-Bahn travelers get to the stop Photo: Thomas Knoop

A beaten path shows that many people take a shortcut here to get to the S-Bahn in Hamburg more quickly. Access via the official S-Bahn station is several hundred meters away.

Another train accident with cyclists near Flensburg

There was also a tragic accident in Tarp (near Flensburg): On Saturday morning, a 96-year-old cyclist was hit by a freight train and fatally injured. The accident occurred at a level crossing, as a spokesman for the federal police said on Saturday. Accordingly, the 96-year-old may not have seen or heard the approaching freight train due to his age.

He was said to be killed on impact. However, the exact circumstances are still unclear and are the subject of investigations by the criminal police. The train driver suffered a shock, the railway line was closed and rail travelers will have to prepare for significant disruption on Saturday, the spokesman said. An emergency bus service between Schleswig and Tarp has been set up.


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