“No new health risks with 5G”, concludes (finally) ANSES

It was the last anti-5G totem pole: the ANSES report on the effects of 5G on health. The Health Security Agency had ignited the powder with its interim report, evoking in a vague manner possible effects on cognitive functions. All the detractors of the new generation of telecom network have relied on the publication (which is not a study, but an inventory of recent research in the matter) to demand a moratorium.

Thus, the mayor of Lille Martine Aubry has postponed any deployment of 5G, and the mayor of Nantes Johanna Rolland has blocked all lighting of antennas near schools and nurseries, pending the publication of this report from ANSES, this Tuesday April 20. Balance sheet? A lot of noise for nothing.

With the data currently available […], it is unlikely that the deployment of 5G […] poses a new health risk, summarized Alicia Torriglia, chair of the 5G Technologies working group within ANSES.FOLDER. 5G, progress or threat?

In detail, 5G is currently mainly deployed in the frequency bands previously used for 3G and 4G, namely

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