No more waiting in the centers: rapid tests now also in pharmacies

Frankfurt – There is finally an alternative to waiting in front of the corona test centers: pharmacies can now also test. Probably even Hesse’s first is the Arnsburg pharmacy in Bornheim (Arnsburger Straße 78).

Chef Holger Seyfahrt (58) was among the first twelve to start on Wednesday. It can also be done in no time at all: stick a stick in the nasopharynx, put control solution on it and put it on the test card.

Seyfahrt: “Result already possible after 15 minutes: one red stripe negative, two positive. But nobody has been so far. ”Anyone who is infected is tested a second time, the case is reported to the health department – that’s just the rule!

Pharmacist Björn Anders (31) takes the required sample from his boss, Holger Seyfarth (58) in the nasal cavity

Photo: Reinhard Roskaritz

It is unlikely that many pharmacies will be offering their customers the test because it requires two people: a pharmacist plus an assistant. Incidentally, the Bornheim pharmacy does the test for 29.90 euros at cost. Seyfahrt recommends: “Come to us as soon as possible before a party, then you are on the safe side.”


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