Nils Stendera – Lok made me a man

He moved from the Bundesliga to the 4th division. And from the rain into the eaves for the time being.

Nils Stendera (20) came from Eintracht Frankfurt on loan to Lok Leipzig in the summer to collect match practice. But the ball has been in rest for over two months – corona break in the Regionalliga Nordost.

“At least we’ve been back in training for over a week. That’s good, ”he admits. “I now hope that it will continue as soon as possible. Because that’s not a nice situation for any player. “

He has made seven games for Lok so far. His first in the men’s field. A change that took him some time. “Of course it was. It’s a lot more physical, everyone gets into it. And the regional league is a really good league, it’s really good. “

The loan expires in summer. Now he has to go back to Eintracht. But he also says: “It is fundamentally important for me to play regularly. And the club welcomed me very well. I have improved step by step and have become more mature – so to speak, a man. “

The hotel in Brandis, where he always stayed, is currently closed due to Corona. Most recently, he spent the night with teammate Jannes Tasche, the goalkeeper. Over the weekend I’ll take the ICE home to my friend Vivian (24). She is studying interior design.


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