Nicole Notat: “We are moving towards an evolution of capitalism in the service of sustainable development”

Welcome to 2049

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What will the company look like in 2049? And how will it cope with the profound technological, social and environmental changes we are facing? Nicole Notat is certainly the best placed to answer these questions. A key figure in French trade unionism, this former teacher headed the CFDT for twenty years, before founding the social and environmental rating agency Vigeo, taking the presidency of the elitist club Le Siècle, or participating in a think tank on the future of Europe by 2030. Supported by Emmanuel Macron, she recently co-wrote a report on the role of the company in society, and is in charge of the “Ségur de la santé” to revalue the function of caregivers.

Will the way we work inevitably change under the influence of some form of technological determinism?

No, I don’t think so. There is neither determinism nor fatality. Let us know how to take the best of technologies, let us know how to regulate them. The future is being prepared today, it will be what we make of it. And for that, we have to think about transitions. Ambitious transitions, but transitions, because the future we want will only come about if we also build the conditions for its social acceptability – remember the movement

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