Nguyen Tien Minh and the times he broke the world badminton record

(Sports news, badminton news) Not only surpassing the legendary Lin Dan to set a record for the world championship, Nguyen Tien Minh also has many times shocked the international badminton village with memorable victories.

World record for endurance with 108 racquet touches in 2 minutes

In the quarter-final match of the 2013 badminton world tournament, Tien Minh and the 1m85-tall Dane Jan Jorgensen created a classic durable shuttlecock with 108 racquet touches after 2 minutes. The bridge phase ended with a knock out of Tien Minh, although the situation was quite sensitive.

Tien Minh in the match against Jorgensen in 2013

This rally series (the bridge is beaten back and forth between the two sides and neither side has missed the bridge) by Tien Minh and Jorgensen has been confirmed as an unprecedented durable bridge record of the professional badminton village, thereby helping Tien Minh into world badminton history. Even until now, besides Tien Minh, no other player has been able to break it.

Also at this tournament, Tien Minh won the historic bronze medal when he defeated Jan Jorgensen in three dramatic sets before losing to defending champion Lin Dan in the semifinals. This is the first and only medal of Vietnam badminton at the world championship until now.

Set the record for the longest 2 sets at the Super Series level

At the Singapore Open 2018 badminton tournament under the Super Series system, the number 1 player in Vietnam continued to set another unprecedented record. Specifically, after the semi-final match between Tien Minh and Chinese Taipei player Hsu Jen Hao ended, the tournament organizers announced that this is the longest 2-set match at the Super Series level (men’s singles) with time up to 79 minutes.

Nguyen Tien Minh and the times he broke the world badminton record - 3

Tien Minh and Hsu Jen Hao set a record at Singapore Open 2018

Besides, fans also discovered that Tien Minh broke his own durable bridge record. Accordingly, at the first score of the second set, Tien Minh and Hsu Jen Hao together created a demand curve lasting 2 minutes 30 seconds with 116 racquet touches, which means that Tien Minh broke the record. hit the shuttlecock at the 2013 World Championships with Jorgensen before that.

Overcoming Lin Dan, setting a record for participating in the world championship

With his name on the list of men’s tennis players entitled to the 2022 Badminton World Championships taking place from August 22-28 in Tokyo (Japan) of the Badminton World Federation (BWF), Tien Minh has participating in this prestigious tournament for the 13th time, thereby surpassing the Chinese badminton legend Lin Dan (12 times) to enter the history of the world badminton tournament as the athlete with the most world championships.

Nguyen Tien Minh and the world record-breaking badminton times - 4

Tien Minh surpassed Lin Dan to set the record for the most world championships in history

In addition to the upcoming 2022 tournament, Tien Minh has attended the world badminton tournament in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2018, 2019 and 2021. No. 1 player in Vietnam. absent from this tournament in 2017 due to the overlapping schedule of SEA Games 29.

Besides, Tien Minh (39 years old) is also the oldest player to compete in men’s singles, more than the last two 37 years old, Niluka Karunaratne (Sri Lanka) and Pablo Abian (Spain).

The first Vietnamese athlete to participate in 4 consecutive Olympics

Besides the remarkable records in the world badminton village, Nguyen Tien Minh is also the first Vietnamese athlete to participate in 4 consecutive Olympics in 2008, 2012, 2016 and 2021. Before that, Tien Minh was also the The only name of Vietnamese sports that can participate in 3 consecutive Olympics.

Nguyen Tien Minh and the times he broke the world badminton record - 5

Great monument of badminton in particular and Vietnamese sports in general

In 2019, at the age of 36, Tien Minh still spectacularly won the historic Asian bronze medal, before losing in the semi-finals to superstar Kento Momota (Japan). This is also the historic medal of Vietnam badminton at the Asian Championships. With what has been done, the player who once ranked 5th in the world deserves to be a legend of the country’s sports.


What did Tien Minh say when he surpassed Lin Dan to set a badminton world record?

(Sports news, badminton news) Vietnam’s No. 1 tennis player Nguyen Tien Minh had his share before surpassing the legendary Lin Dan to set a record of becoming an athlete participating in many tournaments.

According to Le Phong (Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine)


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