New York: Police arrest suspected shooter – 29 injured in subway

you have him!

After a man in the New York subway fired around, the police arrested a suspect. This was confirmed by Mayor Eric Adams (61) at a press conference.

The arrested person is said to be Frank R. James (62), who was previously wanted at high pressure.

The suspect was taken into custody in the East Village neighborhood of Manhattan, it said. The TV channel CNN reported that the police received a tip on their telephone hotline before the arrest. James was seen in a McDonalds.

A few minutes later, police officers arrested him in front of a fast food restaurant without resistance and then took him to a police station. Now he is to be tried for “terrorist and other violent attacks” on local public transport. If convicted, he faces a life sentence.

After his arrest, James grinned smuglyPhoto: BRYAN R. SMITH/AFP

Investigators announced on Tuesday afternoon that they were looking for James. At that point, it was said that he had hired a van that could be connected to the crime. The perpetrator had left behind the key to the van, ammunition magazines, smoke grenades, his gun and petrol.

The turning point came on Wednesday morning: The New York investigators declared James a suspect.

After the shooting, the police were on high alert

After the shooting, the police were on high alert Photo: Alexi J. Rosenfeld/AFP

In the incident during rush hour on Tuesday morning, according to initial findings, James is said to have opened fire with a pistol in a subway in the New York borough of Brooklyn. 29 people were injured, five of them are in critical condition.

The sick world of the suspected shooter

As the “New York Post” reports, James is said to have published bizarre statements in videos on YouTube about a month before the crime. In a video he is said to have said that he was entering the “dangerous zone”. He admitted that he had a diagnosed mental disorder.

James addressed Mayor Adams, 61, directly and said he was a “victim of his mental health program.” He was “full of hate, anger and bitterness”, criticizing the severe homelessness in the metropolis. James claimed that the trains on the subway were so full of homeless people that he could no longer stand on them.

He also shared crude conspiracy theories about black life in the US and the war in Ukraine. The only way out for the 62-year-old? Apparently violence! He said at the time, “So the message to me is, I should have picked up a gun and just started shooting.”

James is known to the police and has been arrested nine times in different US states.


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