New Year’s Eve in families across Vietnam

A month ago, Ms. Phan Linh discussed with her husband to stay in Hanoi to welcome the new year 2022 on Sword Lake instead of going back to his hometown like every year. “I planned to dress up and go out with my family, but was ruined by Covid-19,” said Linh, 40, in Nam Tu Liem district.

At the end of December, her husband, F0, had to go to the treatment ward. Parents and children are F1, must be isolated for 14 days. Many times, tired of taking care of children, worrying about her husband, she felt sorry for herself and went to the bathroom to cry like a baby. But then force yourself to think positively, consider it a vacation at home.

On the last day of 2021, the family is still isolated, for the first time Linh welcomes a special new year. Without a husband, friends, fireworks or car horns, parents and children make friends with televisions and computers.

At the last noon of the year, she roasted duck, cooked bamboo shoot soup, made a hearty tray of rice to see off the old year and welcome the new year. The two children immediately called their father to show off, hoping that the family would be reunited soon.

In the evening of the same day, Linh turned on the TV to watch the year-end program, watched everyone laugh and talk, share the incomplete joy of a year of loss, her eyes suddenly filled with tears. She calculates that during the transition, she will text her husband to encourage: “Although 2021 is full of sadness, the important thing is that the whole family is still safe. You, me and the children will see each other soon.”


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