New year wishes are prosperous through porcelain buffalo statue – VnExpress

If you ignore the technical factor, kim sa is an eye-catching color, attractive because it is popular and authentic. Growing up in the countryside, after finishing housework and school in the afternoons, Ly Ngoc Minh and her neighbors fly kites, catch fish, and run after buffalo in the village. The image of a buffalo was imprinted in his mind, so he was able to shape a statue, look at it to see the feelings, the affection.

Like the other works that the ceramics company has made, all five statues are associated with a four-zero business philosophy (no time, no border, no gender, no age and writing). cultural, artistic, have its own style, soulful).

The pure beauty of a buffalo, when shaped in a traditional or modern form, is still lasting. Displayed on the shelves for a year or a decade, it still feels beautiful to look back, but not satisfied for a moment and then causes eye fatigue. Buffaloes in Vietnam create excitement that many people love to go to the West, because the art contained within is depicted with concise and liberal visual language. The mascot statue 2021 is also not for a certain individual, whether rich – poor, male – female, old – young. The buffalo is just a statue, but full of life, personality and language. Because in addition to the beauty in the outer lines, the high-handed craftsman also blew into it the soul, or culture of the statue.

Mr. Ly Ngoc Minh’s sensitivity to the job is like a knife. Every day, he is more sharp and sharp. The rock is held to know at what temperature it flows, the mineral content is at least 70-80% or even 90%. Thus, every time Minh Long comes out with a product, other people will be surprised and loved.

Therefore, selling more or more, profit or loss, capital is not what the head of Minh Long is most concerned about, even though people still call him an artist and businessman. Because of the core spirit that this ceramic firm has persisted over the years, it is:


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