New Ocean – National Geographic changes world map

This sea tremor shakes the world map.

The National Geographic Society has announced that it will now have five instead of four oceans on its maps. These are:

  • The arctic ocean
  • The atlantic ocean
  • The Indian Ocean
  • The pacific ocean
  • And new: the Southern Ocean

A spokesman for the society, which is committed to the advancement of geography, said: “The Southern Ocean has long been an issue among scientists, but it has never been officially recognized.” That should now change.

Washington-based National Geographic has been publishing geographic maps for nearly 100 years. Since then, only four oceans have been recorded on them. On the occasion of World Oceans Day on June 8th the sea quake. The makers cite the unique habitat of the Antarctic water as the reason for the increase.

71 percent of the earth’s surface is covered by oceans and their tributaries. Climate change plays a significant role in this. Experts anticipate the death of numerous marine organisms due to global warming.


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