New job for ex-Lok managing director – that’s why Schauer retrained

He has absolutely nothing in mind with football.

“I just had the channel full,” admits Lars Schauer (43). In the summer of 2019 he retired from Lok Leipzig as managing director. Private reasons, it was said at the time. Financial constraints of the club may have been added.

Schauer: “In any case, it was the most beautiful farewell that you can imagine. At Lok I got to know very honest, personable people who work for the cause. “

In the meantime, the trained banker, who also studied business administration, has switched to real estate economist. The online course from the provider WBS Training, which was financed by the employment office, lasted five months. At the end of his certificate there was a very good. Schauer doesn’t do things by halves.

He is self-employed, looks after the portfolio of private investors in Central Germany. Schauer: “I’ve always been interested in real estate. For the investors, I am, so to speak, a girl for everything – right up to the utility bill. “

However, Corona had only recently slowed him down. He was even in the clinic in Chemnitz over New Year’s Eve. Schauer: “I’m fine now. But of course that was quite a shock for me and my family. “


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