New fines catalog – Finally a hefty fine for car idiots

Now it’s up to car idiots! In the future, horsepower protesters will have to expect a fine of 100 euros if they bring residents to sleep with a loud roar of engines or bother them during the day.

The new catalog of fines for road traffic violations, which was passed yesterday in the Federal Council, makes it possible.

Many fines will be increased significantly. BILD shows the most important:

►Posen: Senseless driving around harassing other people costs 100 euros (previously a maximum of 20).

Noise (engine, exhaust, screeching tires) and exhaust gases are considered annoyance. Excursion trips are not included!

Anyone who parks in a fire brigade access road has so far got away with 10 euros. Now 100 euros are due – plus the fees for the towing servicePhoto: dpa

But even ordinary traffic offenders will soon be hit harder, e. B. at ...

► Parking: Instead of up to 15 euros, you will soon have to pay up to 55 euros for a normal parking ticket. Cars parked in car sharing or e-charging parking spaces also cost 55 euros. On cycle paths and sidewalks, in fire brigade zones or in the second row, there is a risk of up to 110 euros (previously 35 euros).

►Rettungsgasse: Anyone who leaves no space for emergency vehicles or even races through the traffic jam themselves pays up to 320 euros, plus a month’s driving ban and two points (previously 100 euros).

►Turf: 10 km / h too much now costs twice as much! 30 euros in urban areas, 20 euros in urban areas (see tables).

Not much has been changed with points and driving bans. With eight points, the driver’s license is still gone, with four there is a risk of a fine.

How to defend yourself: Anyone who received an unjustified flash should object to the notification. The lawyer and now also a service provider on the Internet who specialize in speed cameras helps.

How to get rid of points: If you have a maximum of five points, you can reduce one point through a driving aptitude seminar (from approx. 200 euros) – but this is only possible every five years.

From when it applies: The new rules do not apply until three weeks after the ordinance has been promulgated. The Federal Ministry of Transport expects the higher tariffs to be due from early to mid-November.


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