New edition of the song: Little white peace dove flies again

Ilfeld/Berlin – Whole generations sang Erika Schirmers (95) “Little White Peace Dove”. Now the song is being reissued by cult star Marianne Rosenberg (66).

“My little dove of peace should and will continue to fly,” Schirmer told BILD. “Especially in these difficult days when there is war in Ukraine.”

Schirmer wrote her song 73 years ago after she came to Nordhausen from Silesia. Today she lives in the Sonnenhof senior citizens’ residence in Ilfeld am Harz: “Anyone who, like me, experienced expulsion and flight, it really gets to their bones.”

In 2019 the song turned 70 years old

Photo: Bild13/Christian Fischer

So that war is never repeated – that’s why she wrote her song. “In 1949, during a home visit as a kindergarten teacher, I saw a poster for the World Peace Conference in Paris on a boarded-up window in Nordhausen,” says Schirmer. On it as a symbol: Pablo Picasso’s († 73) white dove of peace: “At that moment, the melody and text came to mind.”

Now Marianne Rosenberg (“He belongs to me”) discovered the song and re-released it as a benefit single. All proceeds benefit the people of Ukraine.

Rediscovered the peace song: hit star Marianne Rosenberg (66)

Rediscovered the peace song: hit star Marianne Rosenberg (66)

Photo: picture alliance / SVEN SIMON


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