New canteen rules for businesses in reconfigured departments

The new rules for corporate catering in the 16 reconfigured departments are becoming clearer. The updated version of the workplace health protocol, presented to the social partners on the evening of Monday March 22, provides for the obligation for employers in departments subject to new restrictions to define “Action plans” to promote teleworking, according to the document which AFP has obtained a copy of.

In terms of collective catering, the dedicated sheet has been revised in particular to specify that it is necessary “Have lunch alone, leaving an empty place in front of you, and strictly respecting the rule of distancing” two meters between each person. From this Tuesday, specifies “Le Parisien”, you will have to be alone at the table or seated at your desk in an 8 m² space.

The text also asks to adapt “Systematically” the opening hours and discusses the installation, “As far as possible, baskets to take away and consume at the workstation for all or part of the guests”.

15% of contaminations occur at work

“It’s almost more common sense reminders than new things”, commented to AFP Cyril Chabanier (CFTC), while Gérard Mardiné (CFE-CGC) saw in the action plans on telework “A diversion of energy” and “An excess of formalism”.

“This action plan, the terms of which are adapted to the size of the company, is the subject of discussions within the framework of local social dialogue. In the event of an inspection, the actions implemented will be presented to the Labor Inspectorate ”, specifies the document which must be published Tuesday on the site of the Ministry of Labor, the social partners still having a deadline to make returns.

Teleworking has fewer and fewer followers

A study by the Institut Pasteur carried out in March 2021 shows that contamination at work represents 15% of identified cases of Covid-19. The government recommends telecommuting as much as possible, at least four days out of five.

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