Neuss: Trucker becomes the lifesaver of unconscious drivers

Neuss – With a lightning-fast reaction, a truck driver (49) in Neuss has very likely saved an unconscious driver (57) from much worse.

“The professional driver came in the morning on a bridge that leads over the A 57, a car lurching heavily,” said a police spokeswoman. With a “unique” steering maneuver, the 49-year-old managed to stop the woman’s car between his truck and the guardrail.

“That can be described as a heroic deed,” said the spokeswoman. He then took care of the woman with another driver, who soon regained consciousness.

Witnesses to the incident had initially reported an accident: a truck trapped a car. On the spot, however, it quickly became apparent to the officials that it was an extraordinary rescue maneuver.

The woman came to a hospital to clarify the cause of her fainting, and her car was towed away. The WDR had reported first.


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