NetCancer: The information and training platform on treatments

NetCancer is a digital platform disseminating validated scientific information and training for healthcare professionals and cancer patients. With the help of its scientific committee, the platform provides various tools to highlight the latest innovations in oncology.

Cancer in France is over 380,000 new cases per year and 123 new anti-cancer drugs each year.

Clear information validated by experts transmitted through:

• News on innovation for healthcare professionals and for the general public

• A directory of experts to identify recognized professionals in their field.

• A directory of drugs to quickly find the indications of anti-cancer drugs and their adverse effects

Training for healthcare professionals is offered to support them in their daily practice and ensure better patient care.

NetCancer users

Today, 4,023 healthcare professionals follow us to find out about news in oncology and hematology:

– 1401 Doctors and interns in oncology

– 1623 Nurses

– 799 Pharmacists

– 200 “General Public” people

In March 2021, a total of 4,023 users connected to our platform, an average of 100 users per day.

Have access to French Experts

Finding a cancer expert is not easy. Many criteria are taken into account: the location of the patient and the doctor, the type of cancer or the complexity of the disease. Already tried by the disease, people with cancer often embark on an obstacle course to find the most qualified Expert.

NetCancer relieves them of this time-consuming and stressful step by giving them access to a directory of more than 300 French cancer experts, all of whom are experts in their field. The repertoire is divided into 7 organs, i.e. 7 specialties:

– The breast

– Lung

– Prostate

– The colon

– The bladder

– melanoma

– CAR T cells.

The list of practicing physicians identified on NetCancer is established from an internationally validated database. The medical practitioners present in this database are all recognized by the scientific and medical community. They are classified according to their number of publications in scientific and medical journals over the last ten years, the most recent being prioritized.

NetCancer: The information and training platform on treatments NetCancer

A valuable source of information: the drug directory

Caring for a cancer patient is also a challenge. Doctors, nurses and pharmacists must know the best possible treatments and the most appropriate innovations. Thanks to its Findrugs section, NetCancer has created and made available a glossary of drugs, all classified methodically by type of pathology and by adverse effect. This digital pharmacy is responsible for helping healthcare professionals to provide the best possible follow-up for their patients, in particular for innovative treatments.

Each drug has a very specific description. First, its dosage is indicated, followed by its mode of use. For total transparency, the action of the drug as well as the side effects are detailed. Thanks to videos of referent experts, the efficacy criteria of drugs and the undesirable effects that must be taken care of are shared with the medical community.

Training for healthcare professionals: NetCancer Academy

NetCancer is also positioned as a considerable asset for doctors, pharmacists and nurses by offering them e-learning training. The “academy” is made up of two parts: one for doctors and pharmacists, another for nurses. Supervised by Professor Fabrice Barlesi and Doctor Olivier Mir, NetCancer has more than 180 online courses in video format and accompanied by powerpoint presentations materializing the training for the learner. Professionals can therefore choose the format that best suits their profiles. In addition, their progress is measurable thanks to interactive questionnaires. Training for nurses can be carried out either with the national agency for continuous development or in collaboration with the hospital in which the professional practices.

Community pharmacists can follow online training on the NetCancer site. From October 2021, consultations will be authorized in pharmacies, they will be able to use the platform to meet the obligation to train.

Are you a dispensary pharmacist and you are going to carry out consultations for the oral intake of anti-cancer drugs? As of the start of the school year, NetCancer will provide various modules specially designed to support you in your daily practice and facilitate the city / hospital link.


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