Nestlé Milo accompanies children back to learning

Nestlé Milo offers hundreds of thousands of “energy” gifts at many schools to enhance nutrition and motivate students after a long stay at home.

During the two years affected by Covid-19, many students have gotten used to their school hours and activities through computer screens. Due to the new and complicated epidemic situation in many localities, in the second semester of the 2021-2022 school year, some schools still have to continue to maintain online learning. Thanks to positive signals about disease control, in Ho Chi Minh City more than one million students from kindergarten to grade 6 have returned to face-to-face classes after many months.

In the first weeks of returning to school, 150,000 sets of “Energy Treasures” gifts have been delivered by Nestlé Milo brand to more than 130 schools and more than 200 English and skills education centers during the first weeks of returning to school. . Each set includes a pack of 115ml Milo barley milk and a set of medical masks. This is part of the program “Re-energize the school” that Nestlé Milo in collaboration with the Departments of Education and Training implemented.

Students from a primary school in Ho Chi Minh City receive a gift set from Milo. Photo: Duong Huynh

According to the representative of Nestlé Milo, the gift is to contribute to encouraging the children’s morale and excitement to go to school in the first days of learning to focus again after an online semester. “Nutritional drinks and personal items in the gift will help children’s journey back to school happier and safer,” said a representative of Nestlé Milo.

Nestlé Milo representative also acknowledged that through the time children learn online, many real-life examples have shown that children have certain difficulties when learning at home, which can be seen through their scores and psychological expressions. . When returning to school, children will be more or less surprised with new routines, study spaces and schedules. For that reason, Nestlé Milo has been empowering parents to support their children’s return to normal learning in any circumstances.

In addition to giving gifts to students in Ho Chi Minh City at school, on February 19 at supermarkets nationwide, the brand also launched a promotion program to give away a 115ml batch of Milo barley milk to customers with a shopping bill. any. If parents cannot join the program at the supermarket, parents can register on the Nestlé Milo website to receive the same gift.

In total, after the Lunar New Year, more than 2.5 million boxes of Milo milk were donated by the brand to give children more energy to study and have fun when entering the second semester of the school year 2021-2022.

Customers shop at a supermarket in Ho Chi Minh City on February 19.  Photo: Duong Huynh.

Customers shop at a supermarket in Ho Chi Minh City on February 19. Photo: Duong Huynh

Previously, during the time when Ho Chi Minh City and many provinces and cities were social distancing, Nestlé Milo accompanies parents to bring children a dynamic learning and playing experience at home. The brand implements programs such as “Stay at home but don’t stay still”, “Online energy summer camp”, “Active Vietnam everywhere”… to encourage children to be physically active and stay mentally healthy. active god.

“The campaigns are not outside the direction of supporting children’s comprehensive development since Nestlé Milo has been present in Vietnam for nearly 30 years,” the brand representative expressed.

Recently in December 2021, Nestlé Vietnam and the Vietnam Student Sports Association (Ministry of Education and Training) signed a Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation in school sports activities for the period 2022 – 2026. Nestlé Milo will be the main sponsor of the program with a total cost of up to 38 billion VND, including cash, uniforms and nutritional products.

A student soccer tournament sponsored by Nestlé Milo.  Photo: Hoang Giap.

A student soccer tournament sponsored by Nestlé Milo. Photo: Royal Armor

“In the coming time, when the epidemic is under control, we will continue to sponsor sports to bring useful playgrounds, contributing to building a dynamic and healthy Vietnamese generation,” said a representative of Nestlé. Milo emphasized.

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