Nestlé accompanies rural women to take control of their lives

Nestlé Vietnam and the Vietnam Women’s Union continue to cooperate to promote gender equality and support women in many localities to do business.

On November 4, the two units re-signed for the period of 2022-2027, towards the program’s committed goals: empowering women and building a new countryside. Through this cooperation, Nestlé Vietnam and the Vietnam Women’s Union wish to realize the long-term goal of promoting gender equality, contributing to building the image of Vietnamese women in the new era.

Accordingly, in the period of 2022 – 2027, the two units will jointly organize 5 main support activities, creating conditions to improve women’s knowledge; accompanies building the family “5 has 3 clean”; improve the capacity of cadres of the Women’s Union at all levels. At the same time, the program also has humanitarian activities, social charity for women, children, community and activities to recognize, praise and honor.

These activities aim to contribute to fulfilling the goals of the Government and the Central Vietnam Women’s Union: no more malnourished children; healthy families, sustainable livelihoods; supporting one million women to improve their information technology capacity and access to digitalization applications.

Leaders of the Vietnam Women’s Union and Nestlé Vietnam signed a strategic cooperation agreement for the period 2022 – 2027. Photo: Nestlé Vietnam

According to sociologists, gender equality is related to quality of life. In which, the position and ability of women are closely related to the quality of life from inside to outside of society. Women, regardless of country, play an essential role, contributing to the stability, progress and long-term development of the economy and society.

With the development of society, not only in urban areas, women in rural areas are gradually getting rid of the framework of “household housework”, knowing how to build sustainable livelihoods and take control of their lives.

Participating in the program “Nestlé accompanies women” for the period 2020-2022, Ms. Tran Thi Bich (Hai Duong) has become the economic breadwinner of the whole family when her husband is bedridden due to the effects of Agent Orange. Her dream is to have a stable income to take care of three meals a day. The program is like a lifeline for the woman’s plight.

“There are many difficulties, if I get discouraged and don’t take the initiative, the whole family will go down. Since the day of the program, I have had more joy when I can share with a lot of useful information to take care of my family and create a new life. additional source of income,” Ms. Bich said.

Ms. Ton Ngoc Hanh – Alternate member of the Party Central Committee, Vice President of the Vietnam Women’s Union, said that the strategic cooperation between the two sides will contribute to empowering women, building organize the association more and more professional and effective.

“This is considered one of the important strategies towards the goal of building a new countryside, supporting the building of families with sustainable livelihoods,” she added.

Rural women approach the application of digitalization in building livelihoods and deploying Safe - Happy Health - Convenience stalls created from the program.  Photo: Nestlé Vietnam

Rural women approach the application of digitization in building livelihoods and deploying the “Safety – Happy – Healthy – Convenience” stalls created from the program. Image: Nestlé Vietnam

Mr. Binu Jacob – General Director of Nestlé Vietnam also said that from the first days of its presence in Vietnam, along with promoting sustainable development, the unit determined to enhance women’s empowerment and gender equality. is one of the top priorities.

“Besides, the program ‘Nestlé accompanies women’ will contribute to health care, nutrition, and safety for women and children in Vietnam,” he affirmed.

Mr. Binu Jacob - General Director of Nestlé Vietnam.  Photo: Nestlé Vietnam

Mr. Binu Jacob – General Director of Nestlé Vietnam. Image: Nestlé Vietnam

In the period of 2020-2022, the program “Nestlé accompanies women” brings many positive impacts, especially to those in rural areas. One of the activities that received the enthusiastic response of the company was soft skills training, knowledge on nutrition and family health care.

As of October, the program has attracted 8,000 members to participate in training; 1.2 million households have access to nutritional knowledge and product knowledge; 3,000 members create and maintain the “Safety – Happy – Convenience” stall.

General training activities are held regularly within the framework of the program.  Photo: Nestlé Vietnam

General training activities are held regularly within the framework of the program. Image: Nestlé Vietnam

Total funding to support humanitarian and charity activities to support women and children in difficult circumstances and policy families also reached more than two billion dong. In addition, Nestlé and the Vietnam Women’s Union also donated cash and products to 23 provinces and cities with a total value of more than 9.6 billion VND, along with many activities to overcome damage from storms, floods and epidemics.

In addition, Nestlé supports women in starting a business, increasing their income, and improving their quality of life, contributing to supporting women’s comprehensive development in the digital transformation period.

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