Neighbors forced to move the air conditioner insulation pipe

My house has a room air conditioner installed on the same 2nd floor but there is no way to exit the insulation pipe, so I need to move to a neighbor’s land. When conflict, neighbors ask to remove, what should I do?

Reader: Minh Cuong

Air conditioner insulation pipe is an insulating material, used to wrap around the copper pipe of the air conditioner. Insulation pipes have the role of fireproof, water-proof, heat-insulating and keeping the heat emitted from copper pipes, protecting copper pipes, helping gas to circulate better while increasing the performance of air conditioners.

Insulation tube protects the copper pipe of the air conditioner to help the gas circulate better. Artwork: shutterstock

According to architect Truong Thanh Trung (T&T Architectural and Interior Design Consultant), it is against the law to run the air conditioner insulation pipe to the neighbor’s land without their permission. Therefore, when required to remove because encroaching on neighbor’s land, there is a legal basis. You should re-run another insulation pipe and need to learn more about the general standards when using the air conditioner.

Accordingly, the insulation pipe from the hot unit to the evaporator must not be shorter than 3 m and longer than 15 m. If it is shorter than 3 m, it will happen that the solvent/gas cannot be returned to the machine in time and is blocked, causing damage. If the insulation wire is too long, it will reduce the capacity of the machine, the cooling function is poor, or it cannot cool. These standards are intended to ensure the most efficient operation of the air conditioner.

It should be noted that the correct use of the manufacturer’s standard parameters will increase the life of the machine as well as reduce power consumption. Once you know this standard, you need to calculate the length of the insulation pipe to ensure the most efficient operation of the air conditioner.

With what you shared, in the case of home insulation pipes, you should do the following:

Firstly, it is possible to place the heater outside the facade (2nd floor balcony), then run the insulation pipe on the plaster ceiling. To the position where there is a cross-sectional beam, it is possible to go through the wall pipe to the location where the cold side is located.

Secondly, you can take the insulation pipe from the rooftop down along the technical box axis of the house. It is necessary to calculate the length of the rope so that it is not longer than 15 m.

Note: For the best and most effective plan, you can call the air conditioning installation unit to receive the correct advice.

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