National Women’s Volleyball Team: Find captains to keep silver

Sunday, March 14, 2021 00:03 AM (GMT + 7)

In the non-stop movement before the first round, the 2021 Women’s Volleyball Championship taking place next April, the issue of “the driver” for the national women’s volleyball team at the 31st SEA Games is also important. center.

This will be clear right after the first round of the tournament, but from now on, you can feel the pressure for the position of coach of the women’s team at SAE Games 31.There, the task of winning the 31st SEA Games gold medal is natural, If there is a chance, I also try to make use of it to win the championship for the first time, although this is almost an impossible mission.

Look at the paternal teacher

In fact, since the 22nd SEA Games in 2003 – where the first time won the gold medal at the SEA Games, up to now, the Vietnamese women’s volleyball team has been coached by at least 5 foreign experts and at least that was the domestic coach.

The last time, the team was led by a foreign coach before the 29th SEA Games 2017. At that time, Japanese expert H.Irisawa – assigned to lead the national team as well as the national U23 team, was brings a new wind in training for Vietnamese women’s volleyball. The most effective is that the U23 Vietnamese female won the gold medal for the U23 Asian Championship – 2017.

The national women’s volleyball team sets a minimum goal at the next SEA Games to protect the gold medal.

However, just 2 months before the 29th SEA Games, Mr. H.Irisawa suddenly said goodbye to Vietnamese volleyball to return home. After that, the women’s team was taken over by coach Nguyen Quoc Vu, but only for a short time. The fact that the Vietnamese women’s team only won bronze medals, significantly losing to Indonesia at the 2017 VTV Cup, made the chances of protecting the SEA Games medal fragile.

At that time, the Vietnam Volleyball Federation again invited expert H.Irisawa through the support of the Japan Volleyball Federation. Mr. H.Irisawa also returned to Vietnam but could not help the Vietnamese women’s team protect the SEA Games gold medal. The team again failed against Indonesia in the semi-finals and regretted the first time receiving the SEA Games bronze medal after 8 consecutive SEA Games winning gold medals. At that time, the defeat of Mr. H.Irisawa and the Vietnamese women’s team against Indonesia was also a bit unlucky when Indonesia’s owner A.Manganang was still considered female.

In fact, it was A.Manganang that largely contributed to the performance of Indonesian women’s volleyball at the 29th SEA Games. Meanwhile, it was not until recently that A.Manganang was recognized as a male. If Indonesia did not have A.Manganang then the Vietnamese women’s team could also win the 9th consecutive gold medal at the SEA Games.

When Mr. H.Irisawa left Vietnam, Vietnamese women’s volleyball had put his trust in the domestic coach in his journey to regain the runner-up position in the SEA Games. Army leader Nguyen Tuan Kiet (currently coaching Than Quang Ninh women’s volleyball team) has brought the team to win the 30th SEA Games gold medal, although most of them are young athletes. This has created confidence for the Vietnam Volleyball Federation in using a domestic coach to protect the SEA Games gold medal at SEA Games 31. With the current women’s volleyball reality in Southeast Asia, the domestic coach can completely take on this task.

Choose the face to send gold

For a long time, the Vietnam Volleyball Federation wanted to hire a foreign military leader to raise the women’s team. But the budget is not stable and not too abundant, besides the lack of sponsors that can take care of the salary for foreign experts, making the wishes of the Vietnam Volleyball Federation unfinished. Hiring expert H.Irisawa with a salary of 4,000 USD / month is considered “a good deal” for the Vietnam Volleyball Federation as well as the General Department of Sports and Sports because Mr. H.Irisawa’s ability is assessed to be twice that salary. .

Mr. H.Irisawa did not stick with Vietnamese women’s volleyball for a long time. And to find a foreign coach with the same salary as above with good expertise, outperforming Vietnamese coaches is too difficult. At present, both the General Department of Sports and Sports and the Vietnam Volleyball Federation are not enough to hire foreign experts with a salary of about 8,000 – 10,000 USD / month. That is also one of the reasons for the General Department of Sport and the Vietnam Volleyball Federation to put their trust in the domestic coach in the future.

However, the identity of the coach of the team is still unknown in the near future. Coach like Nguyen Tuan Kiet or Bui Huy Son (LienVietPostBank Bui Huy Son Information) are also included. However, the current coach Nguyen Tuan Kiet is focusing on strengthening the forces of Quang Ninh Coal after he separates from the Bank of Industry and Trade.

Wanting to make a mark on the Mining Land team, of course, it takes time and it is difficult to completely devote yourself to the national team. Similarly is the case of coach Bui Huy Son – the coach, which is highly appreciated for both expertise and management. Therefore, it is almost impossible for both of them to assume a position in the national team.

Therefore, the General Department of Sports and Sports and the Vietnam Volleyball Federation have considered a plan to invite veteran coach Pham Van Long, who for many years led the Vietnamese team, LienVietPostBank Information and is leading the Kinh volleyball team. Bac Bac Ninh, back to the team. Having won the SEA Games gold medal with the Vietnamese women’s team, and having enough experience and professional ability, Mr. Pham Van Long is considered to be able to bring the team to runner-up at the next SEA Games.

In these days, people also talk about the return to coach Thai Thanh Tung’s job. This former Vietnamese team coach had a period of focus on management at the Thai Binh Sports Training and Competition Center before officially returning to the job as coach at the Ninh Binh women’s volleyball team last month.

It is also mentioned that female coaches can lead the team, but in fact, the priority is still male coaches. The problem is that the General Department of Sport and the Vietnam Volleyball Federation will choose which domestic coach to take on the task of winning the 31st SEA Games gold medal with the women’s team and possibly the gold medal, especially when the team is playing at home. .

It is true that the Vietnamese women’s volleyball team – one of the most interested teams in the sports industry in Vietnam, if you win gold in the next SEA Games, it will be just one of many gold medals that Vietnam Sports Union. forecast achieved. And perhaps, a female volleyball gold medal does not contribute to the decisive position on the overall table of the Vietnamese delegation. But the social effect will be great, sometimes just losing to football. So choosing the driver for the women’s team is always a matter of discussion and consideration.

Still need a foreign expert

Many experts said that if the Vietnamese women’s volleyball team does not accept second place in Southeast Asia, it must be called a foreign expert. The lesson of success in Vietnamese football with Mr. Park Hang-seo is still the most visible and conspicuous example. Of course, here also depends on other factors including the source of athletes or the salary sponsor for the head coach and his assistants …

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