Nadal was cut off by Kyrgios, Italian STAR was mad at the Australian Open audience

(Sports news, tennis news) No more world No. 1 player Novak Djokovic, at the Australian Open 2022, another member of the “BIG 3” group was also treated unfairly.

Nadal is not respected like Kyrgios

YahooSports recently published the headline: “Nadal has been disgraced at the Australian Open”. In the men’s singles quarterfinal match between Rafael Nadal and Denis Shapovalov, which was broadcast for free by Channel Nine for fans, but then this competition was cut off.

Nadal was "cut wave&34;  due to Kyrgios, Italian STAR crazy about Australian Open audience - 1

Nadal (left) was cut because of Kyrgios (right)

This happened when Nadal and Shapovalov’s match entered the 5th set, and Nick Kyrgios’ doubles match with Thanasi Kokkinakis began. The overwhelming attraction from Kyrgios made Channel Nine broadcast the men’s doubles quarter-finals instead of Nadal’s men’s singles, which offended “Gaur” fans.

Those who want to watch Nadal play in the quarterfinals are forced to switch to another platform, even many can’t continue to watch the match because they can’t “turn their hands”. The action of the Channel television unit made the audience angry, some people even canceled their monthly subscriptions.

Nadal experienced a tense quarter-final match in men’s singles with Shapovalov but still won a sweet victory, winning 3-2 against the Canadian player, “Gaur” played the men’s singles semi-final with Matteo Berrettini (Italy) on January 28.

In the men’s doubles, after reaching the quarterfinals, the Kyrgios / Kokkinakis pair won again in the semi-finals and created an all-Australia historic final. After 42 years, in the men’s doubles event, there was an all-Australia final between Kyrgios / Kokkinakis and Matthew Ebden / Max Purcell.

It’s Matteo Berrettini’s turn to be angry with the audience

The audience is one of the factors that help the tournament succeed, contributing to helping the players have more motivation to compete, on the contrary, excessive fans can create ugliness, lose image, ruin the tournament. fight…

Nadal was "cut wave&34;  due to Kyrgios, Italian STAR crazy about Australian Open audience - 3

Berrettini (left) believes that many spectators do not come to the court to watch tennis

Not the majority, some fans in Australia come to the Australian Open 2022 stands to shout and cause trouble. In the men’s singles quarter-final, which lasted until nearly 1 a.m., Matteo Berrettini, after defeating Gael Monfils 6-4, 6-4, 3-6, 3-6, 6-2, had to receive “climbing” words. discomfort from the audience.

When he was giving an interview after the match, when he received a question about his opponent Nadal in the semi-finals, Berrettini did not have time to answer when an audience member shouted: “Nadal is about to beat him”.

Berrettini always said: “I can’t hear anything. I like the atmosphere here, but I think there are some people who don’t come here to watch tennis. Of course I can’t control them all, but I hope I hope they respect us. And that’s okay, I win, I’m happy with that.”

Earlier in the second set, when Monfils was serving, referee James Keothavong was forced to speak up because the fans were too noisy: “If anyone doesn’t want to watch, please leave.”

The overzealous audience is a hot topic at the Australian Open 2022. The highlight is Ronaldo’s celebratory chanting of the word “siuuu” followed by shouting when a player is about to serve.


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According to the National Assembly (Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine)


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