Nadal bitterly lost at the Australian Open, and the press conference was still cramped

Thursday, February 18, 2021 19:04 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, tennis news) After the match with Tsitsipas, Nadal suffered from cramps in the press conference afterwards.

Video of the best situations in the quarter-finals Nadal – Tsitsipas:

Rafael Nadal once lost to Roger Federer, a player with beautiful one-handed left swings at the 2017 Australian Open final, and in the quarterfinals of this year’s tournament, “Gaur” lost to opponents with perfect left shots. poorly FedEx. Stefanos Tsitsipas’s single-handed left-hand shot at the match point “engulfed” Nadal, proving how beneficial the Greek player’s shot was.

Nadal bitterly lost at the Australian Open, the press conference also suffered & # 34; cramps & # 34;  - first

Nadal suffered a “cramp” as he entered the press conference after the match

Winning 2 sets before, but Nadal let the opponent “go upstream” to win the remaining 3 sets, the result surprised many people, it proved that “Gaur” did not have the best physical strength and preparation.

During the post-match press conference, Nadal even suffered “cramps” and got up and walked away as soon as he entered the room, then he turned around and said: “It showed that I wasn’t well prepared, That’s what happened. This is reality. It showed that I was lacking a bit of physical preparation. ”

Many people blame the loss for having to go through quarantine before joining the Australian event, but Nadal doesn’t think so. “It’s hard to know exactly why these things happened, I don’t blame the quarantine period because of the epidemic, that’s what all players need to do,” Nadal continued during the press conference.

Saying goodbye to the 2021 Australian Open in the quarterfinals, this is the result of Nadal’s performance last year. So after the tournament in Australia, Nadal only earns extra bonuses, not extra Grand Slam and bonus points.

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