Mysterious crime in Spain: Russian oligarch is said to have murdered family

This crime in high-level circles is puzzling.

The Russian oligarch Sergei Protosenja (55) is said to have killed his wife (53) and daughter (18) in the Spanish holiday paradise of Lloret de Mar.

This is reported unanimously by several Spanish media. According to this, the ex-manager of the gas company Novatek is said to have killed the two women with an ax while they were sleeping – and then hanged themselves in the garden.

The son (22) of the family sounded the alarm from France on Tuesday because his mother had not answered the phone. Then the investigators found the three dead in the villa of the 400 million euro oligarch.

Protosenia’s wife and daughter had stab wounds, and the police also found a bloodied ax and a knife.

Here the oligarch and his wife were still very closePhoto: nata.marquise/facebook

Mysterious: The Catalan newspaper reported that there were NO traces of blood on the oligarch himself “El Punt Avui”. There is also evidence that the perpetrator used socks as gloves during the murders so as not to leave any traces.

Uncharacteristic of someone who takes their own life. Should it just look like an extended suicide? Not clear! The investigators also check the surveillance cameras of the oligarch’s villa and check whether another person has gained access before the crime. The police also evaluated the cell phones of the family.

Act with the same pattern in Moscow

Also unusual: On the same day, an almost identical case became known in the family circle of another Russian oligarch. The ex-vice president of Gazprombank and former Kremlin adviser Vladislav Avayev (51) was found dead in his Moscow apartment.

A neighbor told the Daily Mail: “I heard three shots and screams. A woman screamed, then two more shots were fired. At first I thought it was fireworks.”

Police believe that the former Gazprombank manager first shot his family with a pistol, and then shot himself.


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