MyBuBelly Fertility: the first personalized program that naturally helps couples conceive their babies

IN PARTNERSHIP WITH DELTA DIRECT LIVE – Infertility is a global burden. If women are often singled out, we must not forget that infertility is above all a problem of couples: the man is for example at the origin of 40% of the miscarriages.

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Created by Sandra Ifrah, MyBuBelly Fertility optimizes the chances of having a child naturally. Along with medical follow-up, the program provides psychological support, improved lifestyle and nutrition as well as well-being support. Supervised by specialists, MyBuBelly becomes a crutch for couples who are struggling to have a baby.

Why does fertility suffer so much?

The problem of fertility is global and is inviting homes from all walks of life. Several reasons explain this unfortunate result:

– Increase in the average age of first maternity.

– Increase in the number of blended families.

– Existence of a lifestyle subject to stress, social and professional pressure, ie barriers and traumas not conducive to good fertility.

– Questionable lifestyle; pollution, endocrine disruptors, excessive practice of sport, etc.

– Growing consumption of industrial products, and therefore processed, leading to weight problems, too high or too low.

But the truth of such an observation lies above all around the media coverage of the subject. In fact, once taboo, the problems inherent in the preconception period are becoming less and less so. Thanks to a more liberated voice, this subject is now mobilizing the scientific community.

The first personalized program that accompanies the couple on the path to parenthood

It should be known that infertility is justified by rational medical reasons, but can also remain unexplained. The MyBuBelly Fertility team steps in to ease the burden of guilt and doubt associated with infertility.

The role of MyBuBelly Fertility is above all to identify the reason for this difficulty of conception, apart from medical reasons, then to establish the program best suited to the needs and the journey of the couple. Once the first telephone interview has been completed and the “Point Coaching” forms have been completed, the coach and several specialists guide future parents. Specific recommendations will help the couple in their conception process. The program takes place in addition to the care provided by the doctors, in particular in the event of assisted reproduction or ovulation disorders such as endometriosis or PCOS.

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When fertility has no explanations

Unexplained infertility is based on a well-known phenomenon: the connection between body and mind. Sometimes it only takes a few changes in a lifetime to release blockages. Despite the relief sometimes felt with a normal ultrasound workup, it may take a while for the baby to point his nose. This expectation arouses other questions and concerns, even a feeling of helplessness and questioning.

Here again, the MyBuBelly coach and her team of specialists identify the causes and provide concrete answers depending on the difficulties, past or present, encountered by future parents. The goal is to remove the barriers that can block fertility.

Essential support for medical treatment

The treatments prescribed for infertility are heavy to bear. Psychologically, the coexistence between guilt and discouragement is particularly complex. The support and listening of the coach agree to better live this unique period. At the same time, the integration of good eating habits and a healthy lifestyle maximizes the chances of conception.

The MyBuBelly Fertility coach offers her expertise while wearing the confidante cap. Maintaining a positive state of mind, attending a medical examination, relieving guilt or supporting pressure from those around him are some of his skills. As age has an impact on conception, the said coach helps women overcome blockages and prepare their bodies for pregnancy. The recovery of mental and physical confidence is guaranteed by the program.

The advantages of MyBuBelly Fertility

The program offers all the keys necessary to stimulate fertility; mobile application, monthly box or food supplements. This subscription, without obligation and of 99 euros per month, keeps great promises.

– Personalized coaching; getting to know yourself before giving birth is essential.

– Unique support thanks to a qualified coach who listens to couples.

– Program adapted to all profiles and all problems.

– Dedicated application: cycle monitoring, diet program, coaching appointments, access to advice and recommendations from health experts.

– Food supplements in the monthly box to boost fertility and libido.

MyBuBelly Fertility appears to be the support that couples suffering from their infertility lack. In a positive and engaging environment, subscribers increase their chances of conceiving.




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