Murder plot with gratin and liqueur: Long prison sentences for women duo

Heidelberg – It was a murder plot on Mother’s Day 2020, a planned crime – no act in the affect: Maria F. (36) wanted to kill her husband Jürgen (60) with liqueur, potato gratin and sausages. The “menu” was prepared with strong sedatives, among other things. Everything should look like suicide. But the victim survived.

Now the wife and accomplice Angelika H. (58) have been sentenced to long prison terms by the Heidelberg Regional Court – for attempted murder, dangerous bodily harm and pretending to be a criminal offense.

With the diabolical plan, the women duo wanted to get their husband’s inheritance and hide the crime as a suicide.

According to the court, the act had presented itself as follows: On the day of the act, Maria F. learned that the husband, who lived separately from her in Angelbachtal (Rhein-Neckar district), introduced his mother to a new girlfriend. She saw this as a sign of her final marriage.

With her friend and employee, Angelika H., she decided to shorten the lengthy process of a divorce, kill the man and make it look like a suicide. With the expected inheritance, the owner of a cleaning company wanted to solve financial problems.

The convicted women Maria F. (36, front) and Angelika H. (57, back left)

Photo: Reinhard Roskaritz

The duo prepared a potato gratin garnished with sausages and prepared with sedating tablets and a medicated Spanish aniseed liqueur – although the wife knew her husband’s preference for this drink. In the evening she brought the food over, but the husband Jürgen did not try it. But he couldn’t resist the poison drink.

The woman put her sleepy husband to bed and disappeared. But shortly afterwards she drove again to the property of her husband, who was a good 20 years her senior, this time accompanied by her friend Angelika.

A bloody act in a drunkenness? Mother (64) and grandma (84) butchered with knives

Teaser picture

Source: BILD


The 58-year-old friend cut the man’s artery with a hob scraper. The husband woke up in pain and dragged himself bleeding to the neighbors. An emergency operation finally saved his life!

The 36-year-old wife was sentenced to 11 years and three months in prison on Wednesday – her accomplice of nine years and six months. The court recognized the homicidal trait of treachery in both of them, in the case of the wife also that of greed. The prosecutor had demanded for both of them for life, but was satisfied with the verdict. The elder’s defense attorney announced that she would appeal. For the wife herself, her defense lawyer had pleaded for acquittal. During the trial, both women had incriminated each other.


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