Murder of Sarah Everard – The Downing Street Killer

He was an elite policeman, protecting the English government on London’s Downing Street and the Parliament in the Palace of Westminster. But now Wayne Couzens (48) is closely guarded by the London Metropolitan Police itself.

He is in jail because he and his wife Elena (39) are said to have kidnapped and killed marketing employee Sarah Everard (33).

The case shook Great Britain, even Prime Minister Boris Johnson (56) reacted “shocked and appalled” that the country was “united in mourning”. Johnson: “No woman should have to be afraid on our streets.”

What happened?

At 8 p.m. on March 3, police officer Couzens finished his guard duty in front of the US embassy in Battersea. His wife picks him up in the car.

An hour later, Sarah Everard starts her way home about two miles away in the Clapham Common neighborhood. She had visited a friend and was still on the phone with her boyfriend on the way. At 9:28 p.m. she hangs up.

Two minutes later, a surveillance camera recorded Sarah standing next to a car with a man and a woman in it. The three talk to each other. It is Sarah’s last sign of life.

Her family reports her missing two days later. The officers proceed meticulously, evaluate surveillance cameras, reconstruct Sarah’s way home, interview 750 residents, receive around 120 calls with clues. And they come across a lead that they can hardly grasp.

The murder victim: Sarah Everard (33) disappeared in London on the evening of March 3rd

The murder victim: Sarah Everard (33) disappeared in London on the evening of March 3rdPhoto: picture alliance / empics

Elite policeman Couzens and his wife apparently kidnapped Sarah and drove her about 120 kilometers to Deal in Kent. The alleged killer couple lives there with their two children.

The investigators observe their colleague. When they have enough clues, they strike: On March 9, emergency services arrest Wayne Couzens and his wife, a Ukrainian: murder suspicion!

Just one day later, the police announced: The body parts of a woman were found in a forest in Kent.

The day before yesterday the terrible certainty: The dead woman is Sarah Everard. She was identified by her dental chart. So far it is unclear: What exactly happened after Sarah disappeared?

Murder of Sarah Everard: The Downing Street Killer
Photo: BILD

But more and more details are coming to light: According to the “Daily Mail”, the perpetrators are said to have stopped their victim for an alleged violation of the Corona rules. Did Couzens use his police ID for this?

In addition, the police officer is said to have been monitored before the crime, because he was noticed for exhibitionism, should have exposed himself in front of a woman in a restaurant in London.

Now the police have to put up with the question: How did this murder happen despite all the warning signals? And: How safe are women in England on their way home?


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