Murder fantasies in the “lateral thinker” demo in Hamm – participants more and more radical

Hamm (North Rhine-Westphalia) – You present yourself with the symbol of peace. In doing so, they are becoming more and more radical. Murder fantasies at a “lateral thinker” meeting in Hamm!

On Friday evening, around 60 self-proclaimed “lateral thinkers” demonstrated at the Westpress Arena against the measures to contain the corona pandemic. On the microphone: Artur Helios, who appears nationwide at events against the protective measures.

In the blue T-shirt with the dove of peace, the crowd is directed towards those present with clear murder fantasies: “If the whole thing should tip, then we have a list of names against people against whom we have to proceed. That’s what has to happen. “

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The spokesman specifies what has to happen from the point of view of the “lateral thinkers”: “The people who have been doing this to us for a year must then be eliminated.” Applause from the 60 participants!

Now the Hamm police are investigating: “The matter has been documented on our part and is being examined under criminal law.”

A total of three reports of administrative offenses for violations of the Corona rules were made at the meeting. Two people had to be excluded from the demonstration, according to the police.

Soest police officer encourages corona deniers via loudspeaker

The openly expressed murder fantasies are not the first step in the direction of radicalization of Westphalian “lateral thinkers”:

► As BILD reported, Corona deniers were planning to use the Telegram messenger service to paralyze neuralgic hubs in North Rhine-Westphalia such as the Werl motorway junction.

► The district police authority of Soest has now initiated disciplinary proceedings against a police officer who is said to have openly supported the movement during a car parade in Soest a week ago with a loudspeaker announcement.

To Information from the “Soester Anzeiger” echoed from the police car: “Today we are about 80 vehicles. (…) We all want the message that you want to get across to reach the citizen. “

The official will no longer be used at public events such as demonstrations in the future, but may remain on duty, the newspaper reports.

“Unconventional thinkers” flood entire cities with disinformation

They imitate government brochure Corona deniers distribute fake flyers all over Cologne

Source: BILD



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