Munich infectiologist advises: “Lockdown until the incidence is below 25”

Munich – He wants an extension despite the falling number of cases.

The Munich infectiologist Clemens Wendtner still considers the strict lockdown to be necessary. “We are not yet where we want it to be,” said the chief infectious agent at Munich Clinic Schwabing.

“It is gratifying that the number of cases – including inpatients – is slightly down. I assume that it is a first effect of the lockdown. But we come from a very high level, ”said the expert.

Even with a very optimistic estimate, the seven-day incidence can be halved within a maximum of seven to ten days.

The number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days must be below 50, with the target being 25. “My assessment is that we will need four to six weeks for this and that we will be able to draw a conclusion in mid or late February.”

In some counties the incidence is over 500. If the goal of 25 is not achievable, one has to reconsider.


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