Mülheim: “Body Worlds” and “Terracotta Army” in the technical center

Muelheim – It is a deep insight into human nature …

Gunther von Hagens’ (76) exhibition “Body Worlds” with around 180 exhibits is currently being set up in the Mülheim “Technikum” – including an ice skating couple, a chess player and a firefighter. Everything was delivered in six 40-tonne trucks.

The chess player is one of 20 large plastinates

Photo: Tim Foltin

The spectacular show, which has already attracted 50 million visitors worldwide, opens on Friday on the former Tengelmann site (until August 22). Admission: 9 to 21 euros in advance sales. Due to the corona, only 50 visitors are allowed in at the same time. Thousands of tickets were sold in advance.

Teaser picture

Curator Burkard Pfrenzinger amidst the terracotta warriors

Photo: Tim Foltin

▶ ︎ Right next door, the world-famous Terracotta Army – an archaeological sensation that was only discovered in 1974 – is waiting for visitors from Thursday (until September 19). Admission: 10 to 18 euros. Curator Burkard Pfrenzinger (67) brought the clay figures to Europe for the first time 20 years ago: “We have set up 150 full-size replicas of warrior figures and horses from the Chinese Empire. They are all fired in old clay ovens and weigh 150 to 450 kilos. “

Teaser picture

The heart is the focus of the Mülheim “body worlds”

Photo: Tim Foltin

The “Technikum” celebrates its premiere with the two exhibitions as a new event location in the Ruhr area. The organizers are concerned that the incidence number will stay above 100 for longer. Because then they would have to close again.


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