Mülheim: “Artronaut” is supposed to shoot into the sky

Muelheim – The “Artronaut” will soon land in the Ruhr area – not far from the A40 in Mülheim-Styrum.

Architect Gunvar Blanck (57) and investor Heiner Breuer (54) came up with the new word from “Art” (English for art) and astronaut. Until last year, Breuer still ran the family timber trade (founded over 100 years ago as a supplier of pit timber). The business is history, but the location on Oberhausener Strasse should have a future.

Investor Heiner Breuer (54). Craftsmen are already whirling around in the old warehouses and office buildings in the background

Photo: Tim Foltin

By the end of 2022, Breuer wants to create an international art center (“Space for Art”) on the 11,000 square meter site and invest a seven-figure sum for it. Highlight: a 40-meter-high observation tower that can be walked on over 202 steps, intended as an exhibition space for lighting artists.

Teaser picture

The approximately 40 meter high observation tower protrudes from the project

Photo: Gunvar Blanck architects

The city planning committee has now given the go-ahead that a development plan will now be written for the tower. But that could take two years, according to the planning office. In any case, they have a positive attitude towards the project.

Architect Blanck is already exulting: “It will be a big thing with studios, workshops and tiny apartments for artists from all over the world.”

Teaser picture

After the construction work, artists will work and exhibit here

Photo: Tim Foltin

Construction is already under way in the former warehouse of the timber trade and in the office building. Breuer: “We want to start with an international ‘Corona Award’ as early as March, which we will broadcast as a live stream.”

Teaser picture

Ateliers, workshops and small apartments are to be built for artists on 11,000 square meters

Photo: Gunvar Blanck architects

The tower should be open to the public on event days, otherwise it should act as a creative space for light artists. Blanck: “It’s not about illuminating it, but about using it as a work surface.”

Visitors can only look north-east from the top to protect the neighborhood in the opposite direction.

The planners hope the area around the new landmark will have a positive effect on the problem district. Schools and youth are to be involved in workshops, among other things. A real lighthouse project.

Breuer: “I am a Ruhrgebiet resident with heart and soul and think it’s a shame that creative people are leaving. I want to prevent this bleeding and awaken the potential of the region. We are doing a bit of structural change here! “


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