Mülheim: 1940 square meters! Largest Aldi store in the world opens

Mülheim an der Ruhr – Here the Aldi becomes a wholesale market.

In Mülheim-Dümpten, the discount giant opens its largest branch in the world on Saturday. BILD was allowed in in advance.

With 1940 square meters, it has twice as much sales area as a normal Aldi-Süd branch. In addition to the 70-meter-long refrigerated counter, there are seven cash registers, wider aisles and an indoor garden where herbs are harvested.

The mega branch lets customers in for the first time on Saturday

Photo: marc Vollmannshauser

Tom Ritzdorf (39), Head of Store Development: “Otherwise we have the same 1700 item range as in other stores, just a little more of everything.” Store manager Mohamad Khalil (35) reassures hamster buyers: “We also have enough toilet paper . “

The discounter has been represented at the Mannesmannallee location since 1993. By giving up a neighboring shoe store, the branch could be expanded by 305 square meters.

Teaser picture

The refrigerated counter in front of which Tom Ritzdorf (39, Head of Branch Development) is standing is 70 meters long

Photo: marc Vollmannshauser

After twelve weeks of renovation, the sliding doors are now opening. Because of the corona rules, only 200 people are allowed into the store at the same time. The number of customers is recorded electronically.

Aldi Süd has 6545 branches worldwide. The largest branch of Aldi Nord is in Hamburg, measures over 1700 square meters.


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