Mudersbach: Charge! Kornelia M. died so cruelly

Koblenz – The otherwise tranquil Mudersbach (near Siegen) was suddenly in shock: Marcel M. (37) had killed his mother Kornelia S. (61).

On the day of the act, August 4th, a quarrel between mother and son should precede – as so often before, as not only neighbors report.

It was probably about again that he should do something about the house, “suggested a friend of the mother’s at the time, explaining:” When she moved into his father’s apartment in Marcel’s house after the death of her father, she kept putting him under pressure to do everything renovated.”

Manslaughter charges

M. called the police himself and allowed himself to be arrested without resistance. Came to the judge in Koblenz on suspicion of manslaughter, then put in pre-trial detention.

In the meantime, the public prosecutor has charged him with manslaughter: “The accused is charged with deliberately killing his mother in the shared house in the Niederschelderhütte district.”

The victim: Kornelia S. (61) was brutally killed by her son after an argument with herPhoto: private

After previous disputes, the accused is said to have first taken a household knife and then a hatchet.

“With which he is said to have stabbed or stabbed the head as well as the back and neck area”, as it says in the public prosecutor’s office: “The accused admits to the alleged acts, but claims to be based on the exact events – Not being able to remember the process. “

A date for the trial has not yet been set, Marcel M. now faces at least five years in prison. If the court recognizes the crime as a serious case, he could even be sentenced to life imprisonment.


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