Mother praises the police: Thank you very much for my daughter’s hardship

Munster – Praise for the officer instead of anger and discussions: after a police check on her daughter, who was on the phone on the phone, a mother in Münster thanked them and insisted on paying a warning fee.

“Thank you for this teaching fee for my daughter,” said the woman, according to the police on Friday.

A motorcycle policeman stopped the 15-year-old on Thursday. The adolescent was so shocked by the speech that she staggered, stopped and the bike fell, “because it seemed more important to her to keep the cell phone in her hand,” said the police.

The mother observed what was happening and said to the officer: “Finally! Finally she hears that from a policeman! ”She had told her daughter several times how dangerous it was to make a phone call on a bicycle.

The mother did not even want to talk the policeman out of the due warning money. On the contrary: she was happy to pay, “in order to then get the amount back in the family settlement,” said the police.

Whose pocket money will suffer …


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