More witnesses to horror attack: verdict against university bombers postponed

Bremen – Surprise in the attempted murder trial against university house handyman Heinz-Dieter T. (64), who wanted to kill his boss for bullying and ambushed him with an ax, knife and noose:

The court does not get along with the planned nine days of the trial. Instead of passing a judgment now, it wants to hear more witnesses who describe the lonely workday of the university assassin and his horror act.

Rescue workers and police officers are on duty in the university, where the assassin is holed up on the roof

Photo: dpa

Thursday on the witness stand: Ex-colleague Martin N. (42). The technician: “Our contact was superficial. We said ‘hello’ and that was it. ”Not on the day of the attack. The witness: “I heard screams in the hallway. People shouted, ‘Close doors! Lock yourself in! ‘ A woman called, help, help. “

Then the bleeding boss Werner L. (51) pulled Martin N. into a room and closed the door behind them. Martin N. on the witness stand: “He was bleeding from his head and elbow, warned me: ‘Someone is walking around here with an ax.’ I heard a hammer on the door … “

The court is looking for dates to continue the process.


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