Monika Hohlmeier (58) infected: Strauss daughter has Corona!

Munich – Monika Hohlmeier (58) has Corona! “Fortunately, by strictly adhering to all hygiene measures, I only received a low virus load,” says the daughter of the famous Bavarian MP Franz Josef Strauss († 73) to BILD. “Keeping your distance and wearing a mask really pays off.”

When she held the result in her hands after the weekly routine test, she was incredulous. Hohlmeier to BILD: “It was a shock. I thought it just doesn’t exist. Like a bad movie “Especially since she had no symptoms either. “Except for a bit of a headache and fatigue, but I have no fever and no cough.”

She did not know where she was infected, the CSU MEP continued. “As a European politician, I travel a lot. It could have been on the plane, on the train or in Strasbourg. On the square in front of the European Parliament, it’s like Hotte in the evenings. That annoyed me for a long time that people then outside restaurants and bars don’t wear masks. I always had to scurry through with a mask. “

Hohlmeier is now at home in her house in Bad Staffelberg (Upper Franconia) in quarantine. “I adhere to it strictly, don’t leave the house. Two dear friends are shopping for me. ”

Her daughter Michaela (30), who was traveling with her before the test result, is also strictly at home despite a negative test. “She is waiting for a second test result and will also do a third test to be absolutely sure. We avoid each other in the house. I’m on the first floor, she is on the first floor. If I leave something in front of her door, mail or clothes, I put on gloves. And when I have used a device in the kitchen, I disinfect it immediately so that Michaela can use it afterwards without worry. “

It’s a “tough, stupid situation, but neither of us have lost our sense of humor. We work from home. ”Hohleier is still in quarantine for almost a week. Then hopefully the spook will be over.


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