Monika (35) has 360 figures, she makes accessories herself – 360 Barbies are my babies

Nienburg (Lower Saxony) – Truck driver Monika Durack is deeply in love with dolls (35). She is passionate about collecting barbies. For BILD she counted: curvy 360 dolls.

In the basement, the Barbies always cut a fine figure on the shelfPhoto: Christian Butt

For weeks she travels all over Europe with her husband Andy in a 40-ton truck. As truck drivers, they then live in just a few square meters in the truck. But when Monika comes home, she really lets the dolls “dance” in the end-of-terrace house. While Andy tinkers with old cars in his free time, Monika prefers to devote himself to her 360 Barbies: “I’m as happy as a little child when I dust off a collection. The Barbies make me happy. “

Mini, but elaborate: Monika Durack spent days tinkering with a dolls bookcase with books

Mini, but elaborate: Monika Durack spent days tinkering with a dolls bookcase with booksPhoto: Christian Butt

Her passion for collecting began at the age of 28. Monika wanted to do some handicrafts, to do something, found a small Barbie collection with accessories on the Internet and got hold of it. The trucker: “For the first dolls, I designed small living spaces in cardboard boxes. I glued carpet and wallpaper into it. I made cupboards and tables out of cardboard. ”And that continues to this day.

The most expensive barbie: a Japanese-inspired Tokidoki doll. Monika bought it for 70 euros at a trade fair in Bremen. Today this is traded for over 400 euros.

The collector: “I don’t see any reason to leave the Barbies in their packaging. They are made to be touched and designed. I am sure there will be a lot more to come. “


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