Monday we start again after 3 months !: Finally back to school, but …

Hamburg – Hamburg’s schools are reopening. After three months of lockdown, studying at home. This pushed many families to their limits.

Antje Scheffler (52, doctor) lives with her husband Frank (53, fire chief) and three children in the west.

An intact family with a good income, a house, a garden. Nevertheless, Ms. Scheffler says: “We hardly have any more strength. People cry a lot, I’m irritable. “

On Monday the schools will finally open again, BUT …

Only Ms. Scheffler’s son Michel (9, fourth grader) will see his elementary school from the inside – every two weeks with alternating lessons.

Nothing will change for the sisters Lineke (15) and Lucie (16). Lockdown until at least Easter.

At the end of February, they expected to go back to school on March 15th.

Then Senator Ties Rabe (60, SPD) announced: Alternating lessons ONLY for grades 1 to 4 and final grades.

Eleventh grader Lucie: “Everything collapsed for me. All my joy has been erased. “

Ninth grader Lineke: “I’m afraid of collapsing because I can’t look forward to anything.”

Her mother demands that all age groups be sent back to school: “It can not be a problem to test all children and teachers regularly.”

But there are not enough tests for this, writes the school authority on BILD’s request. After all: “All school employees should do two self-tests per week.” How it continues then depends on the infection process.

Student Lucie has one big wish for politics: “We are always talked about, but never with us.”


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