Model, skier crashes Chinese social media

Eileen Gu fans brought down China’s top social media platform on February 8, when tens of millions of people went online to congratulate the 2003-born girl on winning the country’s first gold medal. himself at the Beijing Olympics 2022.

Freestyle skier Coc Ailing (born, raised in the US, now a member of the Chinese sports delegation attending the 2022 Winter Olympics) achieved a total score of 188.25 in his first Olympic debut. CNN reported. Tess Ledeux (France) won silver and Mathilde Gremaud (Switzerland) won bronze.

“It was the best moment of my life. The happiest moment in my life. I can’t believe what just happened,” the Olympic website quoted Ms. Co as saying after winning the gold medal. “Even if I don’t win, I feel it’s a message to the world and hopefully encourages more girls to push their own boundaries,” she said.

Skier Coc Ailing has just won a gold medal at the 2022 Beijing Olympics. Photo: Getty Images.

Fans filled the stands to cheer for Ms. Coc – who was born and raised in the US state of California, but decided to go to China to compete in 2019. Known as “snow princess” In China, Gu has become the unofficial face of China’s Olympic ambitions.

Ledeux, who led the competition until her last ski turn, when she lost her balance excessively on landing. She shed tears of regret after the final result. Both Cup and Gremaud knelt on the snow to comfort Ledeux, pulling her into his lap, rubbing her back.

Gu’s victory made Chinese netizens, especially Weibo users, ecstatic. On Weibo (China’s social network similar to Twitter), seven of the 10 most trending topics were about her victory. Gu’s Weibo fans, where she has 2.6 million followers, left more than 90,000 comments less than 30 minutes after she won the gold medal.

Model, skier crashes Chinese social network - 2

Athlete and model Coc Ai Lang. Photo: Marie Claire.

Related hashtags, such as “Coc Ai Lang won a gold medal” received more than 300 million views within an hour, eventually bringing down the entire Weibo network due to the sheer number of users.

“We are delighted to hear that Gu Ailing, a Beijing athlete, has won the precious gold medal for the Chinese sports delegation and brought glory to the country with her impeccable performance. in the final of the women’s freestyle skiing event at the Beijing Winter Olympics,” the Beijing municipal government and the Beijing Municipal Party Committee announced.

Models, skiers crash Chinese social networks - 3

Athlete and model Coc Ai Lang. Photo: Marie Claire. Nationality issue

Coc was born in the city of San Francisco; father is American and mother is Chinese. She skied on the slopes near Lake Tahoe, and reached her first World Cup podium at the age of 15.

Although Ms. Gu switched to playing for China, it is unclear if she will give up her US citizenship and acquire Chinese citizenship, as the country does not allow dual citizenship.

Ms. Gu has never publicly commented on her US citizenship status, although an article on the official Olympic website mentioned her dual citizenship status in January.

At the press conference after her victory, reporters repeatedly asked if she was still a US citizen. She both dodged to answer, saying only that she felt like an American in America and a Chinese in China.

Since joining the Chinese national team, Gu’s face has appeared on magazine covers and billboards in the country. She has received many sponsorship and brand contracts, quickly becoming one of the brightest young sports stars in China.

In addition to her skiing career, Ms. Coc is also a model, brand ambassador and has been accepted to Stanford University (USA). She plans to enter the school this fall.


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