Mistaken the daughter of the UFC player, the young man who took the first blow did not return

Wednesday, January 6, 2021 16:25 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, martial arts news) The young man arrogantly challenged the “future father-in-law” who is a UFC player and received a painful blow.

New Year’s Eve to welcome the past 2021, is also the day that a young man named Dylan Peed went to his girlfriend’s house to release a sub music, future model music. Knowing that his father-in-law is a legend of MMA, he used to play in the UFC arena, but Dylan Peed acted quite welcome, trying his future father-in-law.

Dylan Peed (left) was kicked “scared to old” by his father-in-law

Peed suddenly wanted to test his father-in-law by standing still so former boxer Dan Henderson kicked his feet. At this offer, the MMA village legend happily accepted. Although he is 50 years old, Henderson still seems to be strong, he put his strength and kicked the leg of his future son-in-law.

Receiving a very strong kick, Peed fell to his knees., Then he could not walk by himself but had to be accompanied by someone. After this clip was released online, viewers all commented that Peed was too reckless to challenge a former boxer.

“I feel very bad,” Peed admitted in reply to the press. “It was a heavy gift from the future father-in-law,” wrote one on Twitter.

“A lesson for those who are not self-reliant,” wrote another. “It is the result of foolish recklessness. Maybe after this kick the boy will not dare to return to the future father-in-law”, account abt … wrote.

Former 50-year-old boxer, Dan Henderson, played 47 MMA games, including 32 wins and 15 losses. Henderson once won the prestigious PRIDE championship title. In addition, the former American puncher also attended the UFC three-time belt match, unfortunately he failed.

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