“Mission T”: the Volkswagen boss’s method to counter Tesla

Posted on Dec. 2020 at 6:30Updated Dec 2, 2019 2020 at 7:37

The “old grunts” of the automobile no longer sneer. Having long looked down on Tesla’s performance, the staffs of the behemoths in the sector now designate the troublemaker of the electric car as the supreme benchmark. And this is what places the big boss of the Volkswagen group, Herbert Diess, in the hot seat today: his desire to shake up the structures of the giant of Wolfsburg, to counter the agility of the Californian manufacturer, earned him such resistance. interns that he requested arbitration from the supervisory board. It was to meet Tuesday evening – no major decision was to be taken there, a priori.

Herbert Diess explains his vision at length in an article published last week in the German daily “Handelsblatt” and on his “LinkedIn” account. He judges that many of the group’s structures and processes are “aging and complicated”, while opposite, “new competitors with IT capabilities, like Tesla, are driving change and setting standards,” writes- he.

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