Missing Josefine (14) is dead – the killer hid her body between these garages

Aschersleben (Saxony-Anhalt) – Josefine H. (14) is dead! The body of the student from Aschersleben (Salzlandkreis) was found on Wednesday in a garage complex in her hometown. The police assume a homicide.

Josefine has been missing since last Thursday. She had made an appointment with her former boyfriend (15), who, like her, is studying at the Burgschule in Aschersleben. At around 3:30 p.m. she used her cell phone one last time, then the device could no longer be located.

On Wednesday, around 2:30 p.m., the news came that dashed all hopes.

The 14-year-old Josefine was apparently the victim of a homicidePhoto: Police station Salzlandkreis

Residents found the girl’s body hidden on the grounds of the garage complex on Valentina Tereshkova Street and alerted the police. A called emergency doctor could only determine the death of the student. A little later, criminologists brought the terrible news to the girl’s mother.

“The situation in which it was found speaks for a homicide,” said Ilona Wessner, spokeswoman for the Magdeburg Police Department, to BILD.

The site is about 2000 meters away from the Staßfurter Höhe, the point where Josefine H. wanted to meet her ex-boyfriend on Thursday afternoon.

The police's search for one or more alleged perpetrators is in full swing

The police’s search for one or more alleged perpetrators is in full swingPhoto: Thomas Schulz

The 8th grade student had already been questioned several times by the police in the presence of his parents in the past six days. They also allowed the police to search their home without a court order, BILD learned.

Immediately after the body was found, a large area on Valentina Tereschkowa Street was cordoned off. When it got dark, the fire brigade set up headlights to illuminate the garage.

The crime scene group of the State Criminal Police Office in Magdeburg investigated the site until late at night. To secure evidence that would convict the killer.


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