Miss Volleyball Kim Hue is forever young and never gets old, Thu Hoai is about to get married

(Sports news, Volleyball news) Volleyball beauty Pham Thi Kim Hue plays interesting words when showing off photos of her charming beauty like a young woman. Meanwhile, the hot girl of the Industrial and Commercial Bank Club Nguyen Thu Hoai caused a stir in public opinion that she might be about to “get on a flower car”.

Kim Hue was radiant on a cold day, praised “Miss is forever young and never old”

Recently, on her Facebook page with a green mark of “authority”, the talented former assistant of Vietnamese volleyball Pham Thi Kim Hue posted a personal photo showing off her charming beauty. In this photo, she smiles like a flower posing in a room filled with expensive audio equipment.

Kim Hue shows off her remarkable youthful beauty even at the age of U40

The current female coach of the Industrial and Commercial Bank Club also happily wrote a photo caption with an interesting pun: “To ‘LOVE’ a person doesn’t need to be hard, just have ‘CHARGE’ but to keep.. As for how “evil” is, we don’t know yet. Relax weekend…”

Right after that, an aunt of Kim Hue commented praising the beauty “challenging time” of the former Miss VTV Cup 2004: “Miss is forever young and never old!”

Kim Hue immediately pressed the “Like” button on that comment line with a polite and delicate response: “Thank you, try to be as young as you get old.”

Miss Volleyball Kim Hue is forever young, Thu Hoai is about to get married - 3

The former assistant of the Vietnamese women’s volleyball team was praised by the elderly as “Miss forever young and never old”

Also in the comment section on the photo above, when another acquaintance praised her youthfulness despite being 39 years old, Kim Hue happily revealed her taste in dressing up when Hanoi entered the cold early days of late autumn and early winter: “Ha ha, it’s cold to have a chance to wear it”.

Volleyball girl Thu Hoai is suspected of “getting on a flower car”, revealing the number of wedding trays

Last night, October 21, beautiful volleyball player Nguyen Thu Hoai suddenly changed her avatar image on her personal Facebook page. In this renewed representative photo, the Thai Binh two-person necklace of the Industry and Trade Bank Club attracts attention when wearing a pure white dress of the same color with the rather elegant mane she wears on her head.

Miss Volleyball Kim Hue is forever young and never gets old, Thu Hoai is about to get married - 4

Miss Volleyball Kim Hue is young forever, Thu Hoai is about to get married - 5

Thu Hoai makes many friends and teammates guess she is about to get married

The photo caption “When love comes, I don’t realize it…” full of meaning, Thu Hoai’s family and friends make more and more guesses about the fact that the female volleyball player born in 1998 is about to get married.

A friend of Thu Hoai commented: “It’s not Kinh yet, I’m about to have a meal.” Thu Hoai happily replied: “Hi hi, everyone is looking forward to this, right? Prepare yourself mentally. Heh heh.” The other friend continued to write a teasing comment full of excitement: “You sharpen your teeth and raise pigs from now on!”

One of Thu Hoai’s juniors at the Industrial and Commercial Bank Club, female athlete Vi Nhu Quynh, commented: “Can I ask for a favor for the girl’s family?”. Thu Hoai happily replied: “For Quynh alone, give me 5 days of feast!”.

Vi Nhu Quynh happily continued to write a comment promising to show her remarkable tolerance: “I’m sorry for the groom’s family to never return home”. In response, Thu Hoai wrote a witty response: “That’s my brother, that’s why I signed a contract for my brother for 5 days”.

Thu Hoai’s teammate at the Industrial and Commercial Bank Club, Le Thanh Thuy’s assistant asked happily: “How many trays do you make?”. Thu Hoai happily wrote a reply: “Several dozen trays left over today (like today), sister!”

Sad that the young American volleyball talent died because of the cruel shooter

According to KABC television, on Monday (October 18), Daina “Gucci” Monroe, an 18-year-old female volleyball player from a New York college, was shot and killed by a stranger. face.

The incident happened when the unfortunate girl was sitting in a car with her sister and their friends outside her mother’s house in Inglewood (southwest of Los Angeles, California, USA).

Miss Volleyball Kim Hue is young forever, Thu Hoai is about to get married - 6

Unlucky female volleyball player Daina “Gucci” Monroe

An unidentified person drove past and suddenly shot at Monroe’s car and quickly escaped. Monroe was taken to the hospital for emergency treatment, but she still did not survive. Police are still searching for the perpetrator of the fatal shooting.

Southeast Asian volleyball coach receives prison sentence for drug trafficking

Channel News Asia reported that Marvin Chew Xuan Han, a 37-year-old volleyball coach from Singapore, was sentenced to two years in prison on October 21 after bowing in court to admit two counts of consuming meth. and 1 count of possession of this drug and 2 other counts.

Miss Volleyball Kim Hue is forever young and never gets old, Thu Hoai is about to get married - 7

Volleyball coach Marvin Chew Xuan Han walks out of court in Singapore on October 21

In court, Chew Xuan Han testified that on May 4 of last year, he delivered a bag containing methamphetamine (meth) to another person and asked this person to deliver it to a man named Josh.

According to the agreement, when that is completed, this shipper employee will receive S$12 (over 200,000 VND). But later that day, Josh informed the courier company that he still hadn’t received the package Chew delivered.

In fact, the delivery man mistakenly delivered the item to someone who lived in the 6th floor apartment of Josh’s apartment complex instead of the 5th floor.

Josh went to his neighbor’s apartment and asked for the package to be returned, but his female neighbor refused to accept it. Instead, the girl called the police to report that she had received a package containing a suspicious item.

The police officers seized the above package and arrested Chew Xuan Han. Both of the volleyball coach’s subsequent urine samples were positive for methamphetamine.

Chew admitted to consuming a quantity of methamphetamine a few days before his arrest and testified that he had purchased the drug from an unknown man he had met on the Internet.

The Olympic champion star was banned for 9 months because the doping scandal 8 years ago was revealed

The International Volleyball Federation has confirmed on October 20 that an unidentified Russian male volleyball player, who won the 2012 London Olympic gold medal, has accepted a ban. 9 months.

This disciplinary sentence comes from the fact that this man tested positive for the banned substance methylhexaneamine 8 years ago at a volleyball tournament in his hometown in 2013. The 9-month ban against the above athlete took effect from May 1. 4 years now and will expire on January 4, 2022.

Source: https://tcdulichtphcm.vn/the-thao/hoa-khoi-bong-chuyen-kim-hue-tre-mai-khong-gia-thu-hoai-sap-cu…

Volleyball beauty Lee Da Young ignored accusations of threatening to kill her husband, going abroad to earn money

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