Miss Kim Hue showed off her boyfriend causing a Vietnamese volleyball fever: Curious about the hidden person

Thursday, January 28, 2021 00:03 AM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, volleyball news) Kim Hue’s photos taken with her boyfriend, posted on her personal page, received a lot of interactions from friends and online community.

Pham Kim Hue, a former Vietnamese volleyball queen, though retired to work as a coach, is still one of the characters receiving great attention from the audience. Surfing Kim Hue’s personal page, people noticed that this 1m82 long leg recently shared photos of golf and life.

The photos taken with “handsome boy” of Kim Hue cause fever

Currently, Kim Hue is working as an assistant coach at the Industrial and Commercial Bank Women’s Volleyball Club. In his free time, Hue is also passionate about golf, meeting friends and “taking care” of his personal page (social networks).

The followers of Kim Hue’s personal page are often interested in the beautiful images and love story of the famous father of Vietnamese volleyball that was once famous. Currently, Kim Hue has broken up with her ex-husband, so the photos related to her boyfriend always receive great interaction.

Kim Hue caused a stir with a photo taken with a golf coach

On December 30, Kim Hue caused a stir when taking pictures with the “hot-boy” guy. Immediately, “juniors” Thu Hoai humorously teased the volleyball village’s old beauty: “It’s also the fiancĂ©!”.

Currently, Kim Hue is taking the role of deputy coach of the Bank of Industry and Trade Club, the team has Thu Hoai, so the two beautiful people have a very close relationship. According to Kim Hue, the other Korean man is 5 years younger than her and is a golf coach.

Miss Kim Hue 'show off'  boyfriend causes Vietnamese volleyball fever: Curiosity about the hidden person - 3

Kim Hue and the Korean golf coach took a photo together

Kim Hue’s mysterious boyfriend gradually revealed?

On January 22, Kim Hue continued to post photos taken with her boyfriend. This time she announced her real boyfriend, however the image of the man was covered with Santa’s face. Creating a sense of humor, Kim Hue openly wrote: “After the rain, it will shine again, whoever deserves it, I love …”

Miss Kim Hue 'show off'  boyfriend causes Vietnamese volleyball fever: Curiosity about the hidden person - 4

Kim Hue is happy with the mysterious guy

As a habit, my sister “hot-girl” Nguyen Thu Hoai, joked again “Boss” Hue: “Can we just meet Santa?”. Kim Hue happily replied: “Yes, sword forever”.

After the two above series of photos, Kim Hue has yet to reveal who her boyfriend is. Someone guesses, the person in the picture is the Korean golf coach, but that is only guesswork. Who is Kim Hue’s boyfriend? People are anxiously waiting for Kim Hue to officially share the new good news in the coming time.

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