Miri-Clan steals pensioner savings – 32,000 euros!

Weiden (Bavaria) – “I stupid cow was so stupid!” When Eva M. (89, name changed) reports today about how badly she was ripped off by phone fraudsters, then she is above all angry with herself.

In September 2020, an alleged public prosecutor contacted her: “I got calls, always in the evening between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. They caught two men who wanted to break into my house, ”said the pensioner. She is being watched and is in danger.

Eva M. described in court how the fraudsters got her for 32,000 euros. She will probably never get her savings back. The pensioner wants to remain anonymousPhoto: Joerg Voelkerling

The caller asked them to get their savings from the bank. The pensioner withdrew 32,000 euros – her nest egg.

She says: “Suddenly someone was standing next to me at a red light who introduced himself as a mediator. I was in the car, opened the window, gave him the money. ”The man, according to Eva, spoke German perfectly, was polite and courteous.

She never saw the money again. Heisem Miri (42), the right hand of Ibrahim Miri (48) – the boss of the family clan of the same name, is said to be behind the act. So far they are safe from the German judiciary because they control their telephone fraud from Turkey. She does not extradite the mastermind, his nationality is unclear. After all: his accomplice Zafer Ibrahim K. (41) is now standing in front of the Weiden district court for commercial gang fraud, Eva M. testifies against him.

In court: Zafer Ibrahim K. is said to have helped the Miri clan with the rip-off of pensioners in Germany

In court: Zafer Ibrahim K. is said to have helped the Miri clan with the rip-off of pensioners in Germany Photo: Joerg Voelkerling

“I would like it to be locked away for life.” After all: “I’m smarter now. When the last scammer called, I hung up straight away. “

The Miri clan has 8,000 members

Berlin – you serve the family, only know the right of the strongest. Throughout Germany they keep the authorities in suspense with drug deals, arms trafficking and illegal prostitution: Criminal members of Arab-Kurdish clans!

The Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) defines large families as “ethnically isolated subcultures”. The Miri clan belongs to the Mhallami ethnic group – just like the El-Zeins or Remmos, who have their roots in the Turkish-Syrian border region. The Miri-Clan has over 8000 members across Germany.

The head of the clan is Ibrahim Miri (48), who was deported to Lebanon in 2019.


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