Minh Cam unleashed a perfect body line to beat the Belgian billiards star at the PBA Tour

Monday, July 19, 2021 13:48 PM (GMT+7)

(Sports news, billiard news) Ma Minh Cam continues to make a strong mark in the prestigious billiards arena in Korea by defeating veteran rival Eddy Leppens with a 15-point line.

Minh Cam’s 15-point line beat Eddy Leppens

In the match between Alphas and Winners on the 5th stage 2 of the PBA Team League 2021 carom 3 team tournament taking place on the evening of July 18, player Ma Minh Cam was very impressed at the end. set with a full-point stroke.

Minh Cam shines in the PBA Team League arena

Specifically, Minh Cam faced the Belgian main player Eddy Leppens in the 5th set of men’s singles in the situation that the Alphas team was leading 1-3 after the previous 4 sets. If Minh Cam fails, it means that the home team loses in the end.

The pressure was partly on display when Minh Cam started with an inaccurate a-ball and let Leppens lead 0-1. However, even in the second turn, the Vietnamese player delighted the audience with a series of 15 points to end the set with a 15-1 difference in the shaking of the opponent’s head as well as the admiration from the opponent. teammate.

Minh Cam unleashed the

Eddy Leppens had to shake his head in disgust after the set ended

Minh Cam’s “perfect shot” strongly fueled the men’s singles final, Oh Seong Uk. Minh Cam’s teammate dramatically defeated Park Han Ki with an 11-8 margin, thereby helping the Alphas team retain a valuable point.

This draw helped Minh Cam and his teammates keep 5/8 teams on the table with 16 points, avoiding being overtaken by Winners (13 points).

Stage 2 of PBA Team League 2021 will continue on July 19. Ma Minh Cam’s Alphas team directly confronts Phoenix, the team that is leading the rankings with 23 points, with the presence of two famous names, “snooker genius” Frederic Caudron and beautiful female player Cha Yu Ram . This match starts at 13:30.

Minh Cam unleashed the

Table of PBA Team League 2021 after the match day of July 18

Stage 2 of the PBA Team League 2021 carom 3 team tournament will take place from July 14-21. 8 teams compete in a round-robin format for 1 turn. The two teams faced each other in 6 sets including 3 sets of men’s singles, 1 set of men’s doubles, 1 set of women’s singles and 1 set of mixed doubles.

After 6 stages, the highest ranked teams will enter the final stage of the season (PBA Team League Post Season) with very high prize money.

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